Aims and Policies

Our aims

Identification of individual aspirations and design of personalised curriculum, support and interventions that will enable independent citizenship and safe, healthy living.
(We will help you to find out what you want to do for a career and give you an education that helps you get there)
Development of the knowledge and skills that our students need to manage their learning and to make informed life choices
(We will develop your knowledge and skills, and help you to make good choices)
Delivery of high quality, impartial and accessible careers education, information and guidance to support the attainment of qualifications that reflect student potential.
(We will give you impartial advice in your subject / route choices)
Establishment of partnerships with home, local employers, support agencies, advisory services and other educational organisations that will further enhance the realisation of student aspirations.
(We will work with your parents and other organisations to help you reach your goals).

Investors In Careers

We are aiming to get the Investors In Careers Mark. The mark that shows our commitment to our students future. The IIC shows support for: self evaluation, self improvement, 14-19 education and skills implementation plan, the Every Child Matters white paper, 'student voice', and the wider curriculum by covering personal development learning, work-related and enterprise learning.

NEET: Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training

To ensure pupils are supported with their career choices and planning, the College has developed a wide range of initiatives that are implemented across each year group. High quality planning ensures that pupils from across all year groups are able to access aspirational and impartial careers advice and guidance which includes information on their future choices and career paths as well as events that are designed to inspire and motivate. The college now successfully oversees student applications for post 16 study using the ‘UCAS Progress’ scheme. In 2015-16 97% of our pupils engaged with the applications process in order to progress onto post-16 provision and at the start of the 2016-17 academic year, 98% of HCC pupils have already logged in and completed key information.

Our Year 11 leavers data as of November 2016 showed that our NEET figure was less than 1% for the 2015-16 academic year. All careers provision is identified in a CEIAG map which is cross-referenced with the careers work that pupils access within their PSHE and Social Studies lessons.

More information on the Investors In Careers website.